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Branch Activities

Animal rearing branch, District panchayat, Narmada-managed by veterinry hospital and primary animal care centers through them districts animal wealth’s health is maintained and for it animal productivity is increased and to increase animal rears financial capacity continuous efforts are made.

Animal rearing District Administrative department district village development agency, adijaati vistar peta yojna/ (original caste Area sub scheme) with their co-operation efforts are made so that number decide to adopt animal rearing as a profession.
Animal health fairs, Animal-rearing Camps, Animal care camp, farmer festival (Krushi Mahotsav) like these activities- through them animal rearers at animal rearing sector implement latest technological researches through which more production can be obtained and they become financially self-dependent that work is being done. Through animal rearing branch evaluation, administration, similarly administrative- other than all types of work through Animal rearing branch panchayats veteran hospital and primary animal treatment centers the following activities are taken up.
Animal treatment (Care)
Care in hospital
Care during journey
To supply medicines
Animal Vaccination
Against prevailing contagious diseases in sensitive areas by doing planning in advance against diseases Obstructing vaccine is used to stop disease. This work is taken up. In it vaccine against vomiting, Goitre, GanthiyoTaav, ET, etc are given.
Animal issue improvement
Through artificial animal issue improvement activity is undertaken. Through castration bangara calves being castrated issue improvement activity is taken up.
To organize animal health Fair
By organization of animal care camps efforts are made to increase productivity of animals. By arranging meeting at night animarearers are given modern technical guide lines. Animal exhibitions, family show are organized.
Distribution of fodder mini kit
By the improved type of fodder mini kit distribution good quality fodder is availed due to which animal productivity increments efforts are taken up. By arranging animal milk production competition animal rears are encouraged.
NABARD animal Loan scheme
For milk producing animal, interest help is given. Special internal health package scheme by fulfilling health package efforts are made to maintain good health of animals.
In this scheme hath sudo is given with a help of 50% through this effort is done to reduce wastage of fodder.
To provide “Goot” units
Scheduled caste beneficiaries are proving Bakra units (10 + 1) through this their financial condition becomes self0reliant such efforts are made.